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First Look: “Secret” team's new Thriller, BLUE FiRE

The creative team behind The Secret Nobody Knows have come together once more on a new Sci-Fi thriller BLUE FiRE. Now in post-production, the film offers a very different look at collaborators Nick Ronan and Erica Camarano who, playing opposite each other again, tackle two very different roles.

Camarano as Mecoy Saunders the point of view character protrays a gritty, tattooed, chain-smoking woman battling depression and still numb from a failed relationship. Her ex Gabe Winters, played by Ronan, is a blue-collar lumberjack and former addict, traumatized with PTSD by something he saw in Covenant Woods. Set deep in the snowy mountains, the story follows two damaged lives that come crashing back together when they discover something in the forest not of this world.

Partially inspired by Kaufka’s Metamorphosis, writer/director Nick Ronan also took inspiration from films such as Fire in the Sky, Annihilation, and The Witch. Visually Ronan says, “BLUE FiRE is very much in the style of Terrance Malick if he made a Sci-Fi film." Though the story crosses horror and thriller genres as well, at its heart, the film is a modern fable about rebirth.

Stay tuned for more details!

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